is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a comprehensive system of health care with a continuous clinical tradition of over 3000 years. Using acupuncture, herbs, and other modalities, the physician seeks to restore balance. When the body is balanced health is restored.

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Doctor Zhi Sheng Ling


is a representative of the ancient Chinese dynasty of doctors, acupuncturists and needling. The history of doctors in the Ling family dates back to the year 1486, when the Ling family was well known in China. Zhi Sheng Ling’s story begins in China, where he was born. From a very young age, Doctor Ling was taught to be hardworking, patient, disciplined, loving, and respectful toward traditional Chinese medicine. These important values led to his choice to become a doctor later in life. The determination to bring health and energy to his patients is a lifelong obligation for Doctor Ling, as it has been for the entire Ling dynasty.

In 1961, the government of the Soviet Union invited Doctor Ling to bring his practice of traditional Chinese medicine to the nation. In 1968, Zhi Sheng Ling graduated from a medical institute as a neurologist, and afterwards he successfully practiced in Moldovia. The greater accomplishments of the Ling family are in treating illnesses of the nervous system, heart attacks, depression, children’s cerebral palsy, obesity, heart problems, and asthma. Doctor Ling is also very successful in treating alcoholism, as well as smoking and narcotic addictions. Doctor Ling was recognized by the Doctors’ Association of Moldovia, and was a member of the European Committee of Western Medicine. He has published three books about the theory and practice of acupuncture and needling. Additionally, he has written a book using ancient Chinese manuscripts, and presented his work at the Chinese Conference of World Medicine.

Since 1995, Dr. Ling has been living and practiced medicine in the United States. He has recently taught Western Medicine at the Bastyr University in Seattle. He holds a degree from the national committee as an acupuncturist and doctor of western medicine. He also has a license to practice from the state of Washington. Doctor Ling’s mastery of healing his patients is invaluable, and he has helped a great many patients find their way to recovery and improved health. Drawing from Chinese thought and philosophy, Doctor Ling heals not only the sickness, he heals the person.

By choosing Zhi Sheng Ling as your doctor, you are choosing the right path to improving your health. Doctor Ling brings his patients health, happiness, and a greater love for life.